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Hello viewers 3D Power presents special page for Townships. In this page we are going to show some of our best township project details. Hope you will enjoy the Gallery.

How Metal Building Systems Work

Unique Shopping Mall Design

3D Power team, Architects and design professionals have a valuable opportunity to learn about the design and performance of metal building systems. It was created by MBMA conjunction with AIA Continuing Education Service (CES), and is such a well-rounded look at the subject that it was originally eligible for 2 LU of AIA credit.

The course covers the design options now possible with metal building systems, and illustrates their range of architectural flexibility, which has grown quite broad. One of the interesting points brought up is that computerized design has made fundamental changes in metal building systems, to the point where the idea of a 'standard design' hardly exists anymore. Although the metal buildings of three decades ago were truly pre-engineered and had very limited options, virtually all of today's metal building systems are custom designed. The engineering for each project is specific and potentially unique, unleashing creativity in design. 

Building and Ground Store Architecture

We at 3D Power have experienced that various roof shapes are possible, for example, including single-slope and double-slope, with centered or off-centered roof ridges. The structural frame can be designed to accommodate the architect's vision. Tapered frames used to be the norm, which made completely flat interior walls difficult or unnecessarily thick. Now, straight columns that disappear in the walls are also an option, as are large expanses of glazing. 

In a contemporary metal building system, the size and shape can be just about whatever the project "wants." The course point out that size is practically limitless.  Buildings of over 1 million sf have been built.  Modern metal building systems have increased cladding options, too, including brick, precast concrete, stone, wood, glass, or metal. Put it all together and this means that a metal building system can be an architectural building without compromise, and still offer the unique benefits of rapid construction, single-source efficiency, and high performance.
 The course also delves into the performance aspects of metal building systems, including thermal performance and acoustic control. It details the different types of wall and roof options, how they are insulated and finished.

Commercial Architectural Building Model

In addition, there are several case studies illustrating the range of possibilities, and how the architects involved selected metal building systems and utilized their advantages. One particularly interesting project features a 5000 sf octagonal entry hall in the form of a tall atrium with massive sky lighting. One look at it virtually obliterates all common pre-conceptions about metal building systems.

Brass Metal Accents Adorning Black-Themed Historic Apartment in Paris

Living Room interior Elevation

The interior of this duplex apartment located in the historical center of Paris was envisioned by Ukrainian designer Iryna Dzhemesiuk in colaboration with Vitaly Yurov. Situated in a historic building, it has retained its unique character, while adding a modern and stylish touch.
The composition is based on dark colors, which is rare in decoration of Parisian residences. This sober theme became a perfect backdrop for brass metal accents and bold pieces of furniture. Dramatic visual effects are thus created, offering an experience that comes close to living inside the rooms of a castle.

Outstanding Room interior in Darkness View

Black Living Room interior Design

Living Room Interior With a Black Shadow

Standing Man Decor in Library Room Interior 

Standard Living Room 3D View

Classical Sofa and Table Setting Decor Interiors

Vintage Type Decor With A Modern Interior Architecture

Simple and Stylish Kitchen Interior Design

Living & Meetup Room Interior Design

Stairway To Second Floor | Interior Designs

Straight Top View of Living Room Interiors

Fireplace Chimney Design With Comfortable Chairs

Living Room interior With Outdoor View Inside

Library Room With A Simple Book Stand Interior Design 

Library Room Interior Designs & Tow Extra Chairs | Interiors 

Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen Interiors

All Indian cities are in dire need of planning: Liu Thai Ker

Liu Thai Ker is a planner, architect and director of RSP Architects Planners and Engineers (Pte) Ltd in Singapore. Liu spent 20 years at Singapore’s Housing and Development Board starting in 1969, ten of them as chief executive officer, and oversaw the construction of half-a-million apartments in the city-state. In New Delhi for the launch of the Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems, Liu said in an interview that all Indian cities are in dire need of planning

Township Architecture 

Every city needs to plan. And for big cities, which have over 1.5 million population, the skill of putting roads together and putting industries in the right place becomes quite overwhelming. So any city above one or 1.5 million needs to plan according to the modern concept. But the problem is that this concept is not well understood by politicians and planners.

Township Architectural Visualization

The old theory of city planning has been at two levels—city level and new town level, and this worked well when cities were small. But when cities have five million people, that concept is not adequate. So, in Sinagpore, we break down the city into regions. Each region is a million people. And below each region, you have new towns.

But when you have a city of 20-30 million, you have a megacity, which should then be divided into cities, and then regions, and then small towns. Before this concept, for everything people went to the city centre and that’s how traffic congestion started.

But when you have these layers, most of the things can be bought in the town, and then you don’t need to go to the big city and then the traffic is dispersed. This reduces the amount of time spent on the road and the amount of energy wasted.

Asymmetrical Apartment Design with Undulating Surfaces in Singapore

3D Power feels obliged to obtain KNQ Associates photos and information of an asymmetrical apartment that their chief designer Stanley Tham completed in Singapore. Introducing angled lines and undulating surfaces to create a direct visual contrast against straight and flat elements, the architect deconstructed the interiors in a subtle, unobtrusive manner. Even the little details(like the customized picture of black and white photography) which decorate the walls are arranged artfully in an atypical collage arrangement to tie up with the design concept. The color palette is kept light and monochromatic to ensure the interior space stays airy and feels light.

Home Bar Room Interior Design

Apartment Living Room Interior Design

Apartment Bedroom Architectural Interior Design

 Architectural Interiors

Architectural Interiors Living Room Visualization

Architectural of Dining & Living Room Interiors

Architectural Bedroom

Apartment Bedroom

Interior Bedroom Visualization

 Bedroom Visualization

Dining & Living Room Interior

Dining Room Interior

Dining Table

Nod to Four New Urban Townships on Noida E-Way


GREATER NOIDA: The second phase of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority's Master Plan-2031 was approved by a joint board of the three developments Authorities Noida, Greater Noida and YEIDA on Monday, paving the way for four new urban townships adjacent to the cities of Aligarh, Agra, Hathras and Mathura.

While two townships will be developed at Tappal and Raya, locations for the other two are yet to be earmarked. 

YEIDA tabled its budget for this financial year, allocating Rs 6,229 crore for projects, with a large chunk being reserved for land acquisition and farmers' compensation, besides promising to deliver 4,500 out of 7,000 affordable housing units by December 2015. YEIDA's CEO PC Gupta said that the four new urban centres, spread over 20,000 hectares, will be developed as smart cities. The total area under the Master Plan-2031 (Phase-II) measures over two lakh hectares, which is more than double the area of the Phase-I in the master plan, and is expected to have a population of 21 lakh by 2031.

"The Tappal urban center will be developed across 11,101.40 hectares, whereas the Raya centre will be developed across 9,366.20 hectares. They are proposed to have a population of 12.75 lakh and 9.76 lakh respectively," he said. "A dedicated tourist zone will also be developed in Raya while Tappal will boast of a recreational zone," Gupta said. 

"Work on the four townships will start immediately after the state government gives its green signal. These will be smart cities that exploit technology to offer more structured and hospitable living conditions for residents," he said.

Apartment Township Rendering

Apartment Township Visualization | Worms Eye View

Apartment Township Visualization | Worms Eye View

We 3D Power do Township 3d rendering, contemporary township rendering, modern township rendering.

Township Restaurant Night view
Township  Restaurant Night view

Residential Township Apartment Rendering Service

Garden Night View in  Township
Garden Night View in  Township

 Township 3D Apartment Rendering | Evening View

Kids Playing Area Night View Of  Township
Kids Playing Area Night View Of  Township

Outlook of 3D Building Township Rendering

Night View of Township Balcony
Night View of  Township Balcony

Large Apartment Township Architecture

Entrance Gate Of Township
Entrance Gate Of  Township

Modern Apartment Township Visualization

Night View Of  Swimming Pool In Township
Night View Of  Swimming Pool In Township

Modern Apartment Swimming Pool Township Rendering

Swimming Pool For Ladies In Township
Swimming Pool For Ladies In Township

Apartment  Comman Swimming Pool Design

A View Of Township
A View Of  Township

Township Renderings

Golf Area In Township
Golf Area In Township

Township Rendering Building Evening View

Main Entrance Of Villas
Main Entrance Of  Villas

Township Entrance Gate Model Visualization

Exterior View Of Villas
Exterior View Of  Villas

Row Houses Township Rendering By - 3D Power 

Playing Area In Villas
Playing Area In Villas

Play Area Row Houses Township Rendering By - 3D Power 

Birds Eye View Of Villas
Birds Eye View Of  Villas

Birds Eye View Row Houses Township Visualization By - 3D Power 

Birds Eye View Of  Club In Villas
Birds Eye View Of  Club In Villas

Elevation of Row Houses Township Renders - 3D Power 

Birds Eye View Of Villas
Birds Eye View Of  Villas

Row Houses Elevation Of Township Renderings 

Worms View of Villas
Worms View of  Villas

Row House Front View Of Township 3D Rendering

View to Row Houses/Villas
View to Row Houses/Villas

Top View Of Row Houses Township 3D Renders

 3D View of  Bungalow In Township
 3D View of  Bungalow In Township

Bolcony View Of Row Houses

New Smart Township Design Ideas
New Smart Township Design Ideas

Twin Unique Apartment Designs 3D Power 

Contemporary Bungalow of Township
Contemporary Bungalow Of  Township

Bungalow Home Rendering 3D 

New Township  Within City
New Township  Within City

Twin Apartment Day View

Playing Area In Township
Playing Area In Township

Row Houses Green park Common Area 

Birds Eye View Of  Township
Birds Eye View Of  Township

Row Houses Common Swimming Pool and Play Area

The Upcoming Smart Township in City
The Upcoming Smart Township in City

Row Houses And Twin Apartment Small Township Rendering

Relaxation Terrace View in  Township
Relaxation Terrace View in  Township

Row Houses & Apartment  Family Area 3D Rendering

Open Cafeteria in Township
Open Cafeteria in Township

Row Houses & Apartment  Comman Family Area 3D Visualization

Golf In Township
Golf In Township

Row Houses & Apartment  Play Area & Golf Ground 

Coffee Terrace Relaxation In Township
Coffee Terrace Relaxation In Township

Row Houses & Apartment  Comman And Play Area

Balcony View Towards Township
Balcony View Towards Township

Balcony View of 3D Apartments

Entrance Of  Township
Entrance Of  Township

Balcony View of 3D Apartments

Location Of  Township
Location Of  Township

Ladies Private Swimming Pool In Township
Ladies Private Swimming Pool In Township

Exterior View Of  Apartment  In Township
Exterior View Of  Apartment  In Township

Night View Of  Apartment In Township
Night View Of  Apartment  In  Township

3D Night View Of Apartment In Township
3D Night View Of Apartment In Township

Football Court Area In Township
Football Court Area In Township

Birds View Of  Garden  In Township
Birds View Of  Garden  In Township

Historical Place In Entrance Of  Township
Historical Place In Entrance Of  Township
3D Exterior Apartment Of  Township
3D Exterior Apartment Of  Township

Basketball Court In Township
Basketball Court In Township

Birds View Of Apartment/Township
Birds View Of Apartment/Township

Night  View  Of  Township
Night  View  Of  Township

Entrance Gate Of  Township
Entrance Gate Of  Township 

3D Architectural Building/Apartment Of Township
3D Architectural Building/Apartment Of  Township

3D Architectural Township
3D Architectural Township

Unique 3D Architectural Rendering Design Of Township
Unique 3D Architectural Rendering  Design Of  Township
Birds View Of Township
Birds View Of Township

A Smart Township
A Smart Township

Night View Of  Club In Township
Night View Of  Club In Township

Night View Of Township
Night View Of  Township

Entrance Of Township
Entrance Of  Township
Birds View Of  Township  Project
Birds View Of  Township  Project
Night View Of  Township
Night View Of  Township

Main Entrance Of Township
Main Entrance Of Township

A Small township of Bungalows
This Small But Classy township is of Nine Brother's
located at central India. The township show off its
colonial Style on every step. It consist of yellow stone
texture cladding on wall, wooden pergola, sloping roof,
Glass wooden railing, beautiful landscape gardens, Play area
at Central part, and colonial Style entrance gate.

We Have worked out Five Type of elevation Due to different plan
and Different dimension's and sides. Four elevation was repeated for other four
bungalow only one elevation was not repeated. This township is example of the
Indian Culture and Its tradition.


Project Marvel

Entrance Gate for Marvel Township.

Shopping complex and recreational area Of Township.

3D view of beautiful club house with all amenities. For gents outdoor swimming pool and for ladies private separate swimming pool.
3D view of beautiful club house with all amenities.
For gents outdoor swimming pool and for ladies private
separate swimming pool.

 3D view of Apartment Building A Type with a garden view.
 3D view of Apartment Building A Type
with a garden view.

3D view of Apartment Building B Type with a garden view.

 3D view of Apartment Building B Type with a garden view.

 3D view of Apartment Building C Type with a jogging track view.
 3D view of Apartment Building C Type with a jogging track view.

3D view of Row houses Right wing.
3D view of Row houses Right wing.

3D view of Row houses left wing.
3D view of Row houses left wing.

3D view of Twin Bungalow.
3D view of Twin Bungalow.

3D view of Individual Bungalow East facing.
3D view of Individual Bungalow East facing.

3D view of Individual Bungalow West facing.
3D view of Individual Bungalow West facing.

Birds eye view for Marvel Township. Here our client was asking for plain and simple Scape to show the hugeness of township in size.  So we kept it minimalistic.
Birds eye view for Marvel Township.
Here our client was asking for plain and simple
Scape to show the hugeness of township in size. 
So we kept it minimalistic.

Night view of Township.
Night view of Township.

Top angle view.
Top angle view. 


The following project Name is Vision City the project is
located in the centre of India. So we have selected white
and Orange colour with a combination of bage colour.
The Orange colour is representing the colourful culture of 
Central India and white to provide soothings in the heat waves. 

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