3D Architectural Rendering of Dholera Industrial Smart City

Overview of Dholera with 3d Modeling and Rendering:
       Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Dreams usually come true when one takes efforts and determine themselves towards it. One of the such a dream seen by PM Narendra Modi for India is “Dholera Industrial Smart City”. Dholera is a town in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat. And Dholera Special Investment region is a major project under the DMIC. It is a Smart City Project of a 920 Sq. Km. And we are honored and glad that our company 3D Power got the opportunity to make the 3D walkthrough rendering & complete visualization of the project. We always try to give best 3D modeling & rendering services from our side. We provide architectural rendering services globally.

Marvelous 3D Architectural Rendering of Dholera Industrial Smart City- bird's eye view

Remarkable 3D Walkthrough Design of Dholera Industrial Smart City

Spectacular 3D Visualization of a Dholera Industrial Smart City

Layout and 3D Visualization of Dholera :  
       The city has the developable area of 567.39 Sq. Km and has the world-class infrastructure and connectivity within & outside of the city. It has the central spine express way & metro rail to link dholera with megacities. It is one of the largest land parcel provider for the industrial development. Total 3D architectural rendering of the city like all 3D Views, 3D walkthrough animation, 3D Virtual Tour Walkthrough & Augmented reality done by us. We have also worked on the visualization of the smart cities like Vizag and Karnal Smart City along with Dholera.

                   Attractive 3D Exterior Rendering of a Dholera Industrial Smart City                           

Compelling  3D Modeling & Rendering of  Dholera Industrial Smart City

        Its 3D views and walkthrough helps to understand that how it is structured and going to look like after development. Dholera is capable to cater the domestic as well as international market. It is close to the Gujarat International Finance TechCity. As a project of DMIC, it has the benefits of high impact corridor. The public can invest in the core infrastructure and it has the proximity to mega cities like Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar and Vadodara. Our walkthrough can help one to know how the city is categorized for all provisions made in it.

Watch our 3D walkthrough on youtube, exclusively made for Dholera Industrial Smart City: 

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