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Architect Ashish Kesurwala of S A K Designs fashions an unconventional house in Ahmedabad for an NRI family. All the interior (and even some exterior) spaces merge into each other to create what is basically one large living space in this vacation home built for an NRI family.   The design of this house is very different from the others in this part of the country.

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It is a vacation getaway for an NRI family who visit once or twice a year. They relax here and enjoy their time together in an environment that fosters a love of nature and in which all the interior (and even some exterior) spaces merge into each other to create what is basically one large living space. Near the entrance to the house is an exposed, raw wooden bench with a backrest as well as an exposed concrete screen designed especially for this home.

 With a champa tree in front and graphical cut-outs created for a natural and flowing look, the screen defines the house. The passage surrounding the courtyard guides one to an area that contains a large kitchen island counter in marble, a dining area, family seating and a staircase in metal and wood, all in one space. This merging of space allows a feeling of togetherness as well as privacy as the subtle demarcations naturally create their own corners.

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 The residents’ preferences have been taken into account while designing the house and the owner’s penchant for cooking resulted in the creation of this island kitchen (there is a second kitchen too, for the cook). The counter is situated in such a manner that the culinary enthusiast is in touch with the dining area as well as family area. The staircase and courtyard are visible from everywhere. This is a place the family is fond of as they can follow their own activities yet be in close contact with each other. At the end of the passage is a large living room with one side fully glazed overlooking a garden at the back of the house. 

This space has two seating clusters – the one in the centre has large sofas, two revolving leather chairs and two large easy chairs. The other cluster is meant for watching TV. The furniture here is from ‘Treasure’, which integrates the classical element in a modern context. The verdant outdoors are visible from almost anywhere in the house, which gives it a very pleasant atmosphere. A verandah on the side of the living room turns it into a comfy sit-out during the evenings. 

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The upper level of the house has an L-shaped passage that surrounds the courtyard and overlooks the family area. The staircase in a simple wood and metal combination, connects the two levels, creating the illusion of it floating as it is placed at a distance from the walls. There are four airy bedrooms with a large master bedroom in the wood and concrete style. As expected, even the large adjoining bathroom overlooks the lush greenery below. All the bedrooms are created in different styles to give each one its own distinct identity. 
The guest bedroom is simple but the two lampshades on either side, the collage of framed images and the abstract paintings give it its own unique personality. Another bedroom has an energetic feel to it, partly due to the reproductions of paintings by French artist Francoise Nielly, known for her technique of ‘brush and knife’. Her crude yet sophisticated work bristles with energy. The ‘top floor’ consists of a seating area created on a deck. 

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There are no boundaries or railings, which makes the view all the more enjoyable. However, for reasons of safety, glass railings will eventually surround the area. The simple combination of metal and wood, the sense of being in the midst of nature, and the use of exposed wood and concrete gives the house an identity of its own. The owners are lucky to have this refuge, to which they can return again and again. The overall impression is of a minimalistic haven, one in which special attention has been paid to details.

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